One Day Car Insurance

You want to insure a car for one single day so it should be simple to add it to your existing insurance policy, right? Wrong. Even after you've spent an hour or so listening to a recorded voice telling you how important your call is (despite the fact they can't be bothered employing a human to answer you) you will almost certainly find that either they're not at all interested, or they will quote you a ludicrous premium that makes your eyes water. Fear not however; there is an answer.

It is now ridiculously easy to buy yourself a car insurance policy which lasts for as little as one single day. Why the change of heart by the money grubbing insurance companies, who have always insisted on at least a full years policy? Simple. The demand is there, and by using automated booking systems over the Internet it is now possible to write policies which, in the old days, would have been labour intensive and so completely uneconomical. Now, you can get cover for most reasonably modern cars (and quite a few elderly ones too) for anything between a single day and four weeks, you can buy it instantly online and you can get it at any time of day, any day of the week, any week of the year.

The online process is very easy; first you get a quote which should take you no more than a single minute (provided of course that you meet the qualification requirements which most drivers and most vehicles do), and if you like the look of it it then it takes only a couple of minutes more for you to fill in the remaining questions (you'll need your driving licence details to hand), pay using your credit card and you would then have the choice of either starting the policy immediately, or at a time and date within the near future. Once you have done this all the documentation can be downloaded ready for printing on your own printer, so that you would have proof of cover if you found it necessary for some reason to show it.

Do you need to carry this insurance documentation with you?

If no one else has the car insured at the time it would be very wise for you to do so. The police are extremely efficient nowadays at trapping uninsured drivers; numberplates are read by automated cameras which check the registration details against a central database which carries information about whether or not the car is insured, and if the answer is 'no' a message is sent to the nearest police officer who can then usually feel the collar of the miscreant. This is no laughing matter since this can result in the car being confiscated and crushed, as well as a substantial fine and possible disqualification for the driver concerned. If you had only insured the car recently the database would probably not carry the insurance details, and it would probably be as well to have evidence of cover just in case you were stopped by the police for any reason.


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